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A CJFH Group Led by President Sun Yang Paid a Visit to the People’s Hospital in Jinzhai County, Anhui Province, Working to Alleviate Poverty by Improving Health Care
Source: Posted Date:11-18-2018

On November 7th, 2018, led by Dr. Sun Yang, President of CJFH, a nine-people group including the heads from the hospital’s clinical,  nursing and administrative departments arrived at the People’s Hospital in Jinzhai County where they worked to promote the targeted assistance program.  They visited the local hospital to help the underdeveloped disciplines that desperately need professional guidance and reunited with  Dr. Li Nuo, a dermatologist from CJFH who had been dispatched by her home institute to the county hospital . The leadership at the Jinzhai County Party Committee, the county government and the county hospital attached great importance to the visit of the CJFH delegation.
Despite the cool and fresh rainfall, Dr. Sun and his team went to the Jinzhai Red Army Square upon their arrival in Jinzhai, where they presented a basket of flowers to the Martyr Memorial Tower and visited the Red Army Memorial Hall and the Martyr Museum, showing their respect and cherishing their memory of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our nation and people. On the afternoon of Nov. 7th, the Meeting on Promoting Counterpart-Assistance and Poverty Alleviation by Improving Health Care was held at the hospital which was attended by CJFH President Sun Yang, CJFH experts, Mr. Zhang Jian, a member of the standing committee of the Jinzhai County Party Committee and the First Deputy County Chief, Mr. Lu Yi, Party Secretary of the County Health Commission, Mr. Wu Jie, Party Secretary and President of the county hospital, other medical workers and management.
In his speech, Mr. Zhang Jian, the First Deputy County Chief, welcomed and thanked President Sun Yang and the visiting medical experts for their selfish help and devotion to Jinzhai County. In response, President Sun Yang, on behave of CJFH, promised to take its obligation to provide medical rescue to facilitate poverty alleviation in Jinzhai which has made great contribution to the founding of new China and its socialist construction now that the National Health Commission has assigned this important mission to CJFH, a comprehensive hospital at the national level to ease the Central Committee of CPC and the State Council’s concern for the development of health care in Jinzhai. In his report on the assistance from CJFH, President Wu Jie summarized and praised the efforts made by CJFH: 8 medical experts stationed at the county hospital have introduced multiple new techniques and implemented several projects filling the gap between the hospital and others; more than 2000 person-times have been trained from the county hospital and the health centers at the town level; 18 backbone medical workers have received further education at CJFH for free, all of which has been contributing to improving medical service in Jinzhai. Other speakers included the leaders from the County Health Commission and the county hospital, Prof. Ling Bin from CJFH Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department, Prof. Wang Zhijun from CJFH Ophthalmology Department, Prof. Li Wenge from CJFH Nephrology Department, Prof. Guo Wanshou from CJFH Orthopedics Department, Associate Prof. Wang Jianming from the TCM Rheumatology Department, Head Nurse Zhao Peiyu, the Co-Chief Superintendent Nurse of the Major Surgery Department, Dr. Li Nuo from CJFH Dermatology and STD Department and Director Jia Cunbo in charge of the counterpart-assistance at CJFH. In conclusion, the county hospital has made rapid progress since the assistance program started 3 years ago with support from the Jinzhai County Party Committee, the county government and the county hospital, which has highlighted the leadership’s determination and courage in their efforts to alleviate poverty by improving health care.
On the morning of November 8th, CJFH experts met their counterparts at the county hospital, working together to identify the bottleneck and constrains of academic development at their departments, to put forward development strategies and to work on the aid plan for the next phase. Before an agreement was reached, CJFH experts and the directors of the departments of the county hospital concerned had shared their findings and opinions, based on which the final version of the annual aid plan would be completed with confirmation by both sides.
To conclude, this visit has effectively accelerated the counterpart-assistance program between the two hospitals by putting into practice the aims of “Answering to an urgent medical need, making up a loophole, training a technical team and adding a service item”. Working together, the two hospitals would make their own contribution to China’s poverty alleviation strategic project with joint efforts in promoting targeted poverty reduction by improving health care, improving people’s health in Jinzhai and reducing illness-related poverty in the rural areas.