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The National Centre for the Performing Arts Gave Charity Performance in CJFH
Source: Posted Date:09-10-2018

On the afternoon of September 4, 2018, the Lecture Hall of CJFH was immersed in golden oldies. Accompanied on the piano by Xu Haiyang, four resident opera singers from the National Centre for the Performing Arts, i.e. Zhang Xin, a soprano, Zheng Jian, a tenor, Wang Haitao, a baritone, and Guan Zhijing, a bass, sang some widely sung songs, such as "Pamir, My Beautiful Hometown", "The Sun Never Sets on the Prairie", “How Can I Stop Thinking of Him”, "I love you, China", and some classical operas, such as "My Sun" and "A Song for Matadors", presenting high art to medical staff who work hard on the clinical front line.
Dr. Sun Yang, President of CJFH, made a welcome speech on behalf of the hospital. He said that after sending its choir to give charity performance at this hospital in June 2017, the National Centre for the Performing Arts sent its opera actors to this hospital, presenting marvelous performance that was of ideological, artistic and professional value. More importantly, he said, this activity showed the care of the Propaganda Department of Beijing Municipal Party Committee, the National Centre for the Performing Arts and other units for the grass-root units and the front-line workers. These units jointly launched the series of activities of "Integrated with the Life of Common People — One Hundred of Charity Performances from the National Centre for the Performing Arts”, bringing professional performances that usually could only be watched at the professional theaters to where the front-line staff work, which has become an effective way to popularize art. On behalf of CJFH, Mr. Sun expressed his appreciation to the National Centre for the Performing Arts for its sense of responsibility to spread culture and for the fact that it brought high level and high standard high art to CJFH, adhering to the principle of "serving the common people and seeking artistic value and international taste". He also expressed his hope that the two units could hold more activities in the future, to disseminate high art and promote the culture cultivation of medical workers by being exposed to the charm of culture and art.
The performance came a successful conclusion when all the singers sang "My Motherland and Me" and “Brindisi” from Verdi’s opera “The Lady of the Camellias".  After the performance, the 83-year-old dermatologist expert Qian Wenyan walked onto the stage excitedly to take pictures with the artists. She said: "The performance of the National Centre for the Performing Arts tonight reminded me of the past youth days, which makes me very happy. I like it very much. I hope you could come here to perform more often." She spoke out what all the audience wanted to say.