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Nursing Skills Contest among Junior Nurses Kicks Off
Source: Posted Date:07-31-2018

On the afternoon of July 24th, the opening ceremony of 2018 China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) Nursing Skills Contest among Junior Nurses was held at the hospital’s lecture hall where Dr. Zhou Jun, Party Secretary of CJFH, Mrs. Ding Jinghong, Deputy Party Secretary of CJFH, Mrs. Zhao Jing, Director of the Nursing Department, and Mrs. Zhao Fang, Deputy Director of Nursing were present. The event was moderated by Mr. Zhang Junyue, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of CJFH.  
The contest aims at offering a platform for CJFH nurses to learn from and compete with each other to promote standardization of the nursing procedures and improve the nurses’ professional skills by strengthening their basic nursing skills through competing in two procedures: single CPR and venous transfusion. 193 nurses have registered to compete in eight items on a voluntary basis, among whom 48 competitors would eventually be able to enter the quarter-final from various wards, who would have been selected and recommended from the preliminary contests hosted by each ward.   
Mr. Zhou Jun, Party Secretary of CJFH, in his speech, firstly spoke highly of CJFH nursing team’s high spirit and the well-ordered venue. Dr. Zhou then underlined the significance of the skills contest in accelerating CJFH’s development by mobilizing the young CJFH staff to fully play their role with their joint efforts, which was held after the successfully-held Film Reading Contest. Dr. Zhou argued that all the 1646 nurses working at CJFH, among whom 989 under 35 account for 60% of CJFH nursing staff, have made their own contribution to the steady development of nursing care with higher efficiency in recent years. 
Dr. Zhou noted that CJFH has strengthened a vertical management system on its nursing staff to advance the nurses’ career development through improving its nursing human resources institution. In addition, CJFH has also been working on a performance assessment program featuring fairness, justice, openness and transparency, on which a merit pay system would be based to fully reflect the values of nursing care efforts. On the other hand, CJFH hoped to pick out an excellent nursing team from the competitive contestants as part of its talent reserve.  
Mrs. Zhao Jing encouraged the contestants to fully show their professional competence at the contest where more junior nurses with great potentials would be identified to improve nursing care quality at CJFH by further promoting standardization of the clinical nursing procedures centered on the basic nursing care.  
Liu Ting (TCM Rheumatology Department), Director-General of the Junior Nurses Association, briefed her audience about the Association.
Fu Longmei (Otolaryngology Department) and Liu Liwen (4th Respiratory and Critical Disease Department), the winners of 2018 Nursing Skills Contest, demonstrated how to perform two competition procedures.
Wang Jingyu (International Department), on behave of all the contestants, thanked CJFH, the Nursing Department and the CJFH Youth League Committee for organizing this skills contest among junior nurses to show their professional skills, which would greatly inspire the competitors and promote their personal development with solid improvement in interpersonal communication, analyzing and problem-solving, humanist spirit and commitment and honor to their jobs.
Mrs.Ding Jinghong started the contest after speaking highly of the organizers and encouraging the competitors to live up to their dreams and expectations. She reiterated that it was lucky for both CJFH and the departments to have an excellent nursing staff. 
The preliminary contest of surgical nursing was held following the opening ceremony, where the competitors of sterile operations, abiding by strict operational requirements, were nimble, skilled and quick completing the required operations, who were tidily dressed. On the other hand, the contestants of the CPR procedure were imperturbable, calm and attentive when they performed first-aid procedures in an orderly way.   
The contestants are expected to improve their practical capabilities with strengthened professional skills in accordance with higher operation standards through exchanging views, finding their own weaknesses, testing their clinical skills and receiving instructions and advice from experts. Furthermore, it is strongly believed that CJFH nurses will pursue professional excellence with their determined efforts in the future.