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A Landmark: 100 Successful Lung Transplantation Cases Reported at China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Source: Posted Date:06-30-2018

The success of a lung transplant operation on June 29, 2018 at China Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) was the 100th of such cases at the hospital. The patient woke up right in the operating room and was moved into the ICU—without those wires and intubation tubes.
On March 6, 2017, CJFH and Wuxi People’s Hospital signed an agreement between them, establishing a close alliance. Professor Chen Jingyu of the Wuxi hospital became a concurrent director of the Lung Transplant Department at CJFH.
A total of 100 cases of lung transplantation were completed in the short span of 15 months as of this June, with 50 of them in 2017. Thanks to to the leadership and coordination of President Sun Yang and Party Secretary Zhou Jun, and the support of other executives, the lung transplant department of CJFH is now already a standardized program—up to four transplant operations in a single day—all in the 15 months since its establishment.
By now a core team is already in shape at the CJFH centered on health care of lung transplant patients, consisting of such departments as anesthesia, ICU, rehabilitation, thoracic surgery, and lung transplantation, and a strong support team is also ready, composed of other departments of cardiology, gastrology, medical technology testing, radiological imaging and logistics. The lung transplantation program has added another dimension to the overall strength of CJFH. 
The 100th lung case is but another starting point of lung transplantation programs at the hospital. At the requests of President Sun Yang and Party Secretary Zhou Jun, CJFH will finish another 50 cases in the remaining months this year, bringing the total number of lung transplantation operations to 100 for the current year, with the number of lung transplants performed and the survival rate of operation at CJFH entering the international leading rank.
Wang Chen, deputy director-general of the Chinese Academy of Engineering sent his congratulatory message to the hospital in praise of the success.