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President Sun Yang Visiting Important Retirees
Source: Posted Date:06-30-2018

On June 27, 2018, on the eve of the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, President Sun Yang and other leaders paid a visit to two of the retired CJFH doctors.
Sun talked with Professor Chao Enxiang in the latter’s living room and then Professor Xu Runsan in his, about their health, work, and leisure engagements, briefing them on recent developments of the hospital, and on behalf of the leadership of the leading group, expressed best wishes to the two masters.
President Sun said that traditional Chinese medicine is a crystallization of the wisdom and experience of the Chinese people over the past thousands of years, and is the precious wealth of the Chinese nation. The report of the 19th congress of the Party has made an important decision to “uphold both Chinese and Western medicine for the development of Chinese medicine”, which led to a series of strategic arrangements such as the implementation of the Chinese medicine law, Chinese medicine is moving towards a more broad and far-reaching stage. The Chinese medicine program at CJFH, thanks to the efforts of generations of practitioners, has made great strides in development, becoming an important feature of the hospital, which has been widely recognized by patients and peers in the domestic sector.
The accomplished skills and noble medical ethics of the older generation experts, Sun added, ought to be inherited and developed. He promised that the hospital will further strengthen education on the traditional Chinese medicine and inheritance, strengthen the training of Chinese medicine personnel, take out specific measures to strengthen the management of traditional Chinese medicine, and promote its development.
Both Professor Chao and Professor Xu expressed their sincere thanks to the goodwill of the President and other leaders, and wishes every success to the hospital under their leadership.
Dr. Zhang Hongchun, director of the Chinese Medicine Department, Dr. Liu Di, General Secretary of the CPC branch of the department, Dr. Zhang Shu’nan, director of No. 1 Department of Chinese Medicine Lung Diseases, Dr. Liu Hong, deputy director of the TCM Gynecology Department, Ms. Jia Mian and Mr. Zhang Weishuo of the Medical Affairs, and others, were also on the tour.