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Energy and Vitality—Awarding Ceremony for the Third Xin Yuling Youth Award Concludes
Source: Posted Date:05-23-2018

On May 16, 2018, the awarding ceremony of the third China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) “Xin Yuling Youth Award” and the Youth Forum were held at the Lecture Hall. Vice President Gao Haipeng read the recognition decision on behalf of the hospital. And President Sun Yang, Vice President Gao Haipeng and Chief Accountant Dong Liyou presented the awards for the winners of this session “Xin Yuling Youth Award” including Yu Ming’an, Wang Chengyuan, Sun Wei, Zhu Xianjin, Liu Meng, Li Zhanguo, Zhang Ying, Chen Wenhui, Duan Jun and Pan Xiaoyu.
President Sun Yang congratulated the winners on behalf of the hospital. He also encouraged young people in the hospital to learn from the these winners by cultivating excellent insights, broadening their minds, adopting down-to-earth attitudes, working wholeheartedly and exerting their intelligence and abilities on the broad platform of the hospital. The overall system, regulations, and norms of the hospital should be further improved and it is hoped that the winners can serve as role models to play a leading benchmarking and exemplary role. The hospital will strengthen the awarding incentives, establish youth scholarship for studying abroad, support scientific research and create a benchmarking management atmosphere.
As an important part of CJFH’s honor system, the “Xin Yuling Youth Award” is selected once every two years, aiming to give full play to the exemplary and leading role of typical advanced youth models and encouraging the young people in the hospital to inherit and carry forward the outstanding scientific spirit and noble humanity accomplishment of the older generation so as to base on their posts and win achievements and success.
Through the selection and commendation of this youth award, we called on the young employees across the whole hospital to learn from and promote the outstanding characteristics of the older generation of experts and scholars such as Xin Yuling and take the “Xin Yuling Youth Award” winner as an example to work hard, strive to build up establishment and win success in the health career of the new era so as to make contributions to the hospital’s development goals in the new period.
After the awarding ceremony, the CJFH Youth Forum was held where each award-winning contestant delivered a wonderful speech centering on their growing experience, award-winning speeches and what role they should play next in the development of the hospital.
The “Xin Yuling Youth Award” winners gave speeches in turn:
Yu Ming’an first expressed thanks to his parents, family members, teachers, hospitals and departments he had worked in before, hospital leaders and colleagues. Then he expressed his thoughts on how to be a good doctor. He believes that to be a good doctor, he must understand the complexity of human beings, regard human body as a combination of body, mind and spirit and improve philosophical accomplishment. To do things well must to be a good person first to enjoy virtues of honesty, respect, quietness, prudence, and perseverance. Wang Chengyuan introduced the treatment of head and neck tumors to people. He chose future science and believed that no pains, no gains, ending with the oath of CJFH.
Dr Sun Wei of the Orthopedics Department introduced the  clinical work, teaching experience, social officeholding, scientific research work, awards, as well as public welfare and cited an epitaph to remind people to be a practical man and work in a down-to-earth manner. From the speech of Secretary Xi Jinping, Zhu Xianjin of the Radiology Department understood that medical workers must strive for dreams and interests, work hard, make unremitting efforts in learning and reading, have a strong sense of self-improvement and confidence, and never give up so as to win final achievements eventually.
Liu Meng of the Integrative Oncology Department expressed his admiration and gratitude to Xin Yuling and introduced the medical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, the integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine health alliance, the second-level meeting of young physicians, and the preparation for the first Young Physician Society.
Li Zhanguo from the General Office expressed his feeling by using words such as flattered, gratitude and encouraged. He also elaborated on his working experience from aspects including overall concept, detail-sensitivity, professional learning and learning from outstanding employees. Finally, he wished the young people of CJFH could gain better development and contribute to the development of the hospital.
Zhang Ying of the Department of Anesthesiology used two pictures of the WeChat circle of friends to tell two stories about persistence, perseverance, culture and heritage, writing youth with youthful footprints.
Duan Jun of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit introduced his working and growing experience, carried out training and promotion of new techniques and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and created an emergency teaching training system. He had a deep understanding on teaching benefits teachers as well as students, distinguished the difference of department management and clinical business, and established the RRT system. He firmly believes that people should enjoy senses of noble sentiments, responsibility and dedication.
Pan Xiaoyu of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department talked about the ideals and struggles, responsibility and accountability of obstetrics and gynecology. She is willing to follow the footsteps of life and write a regretless youth.
Nearly 200 people including President Sun Yang, Vice President Gao Haipeng, Chief Accountant Dong Liyou and representatives from clinical departments and administrative offices attended the event.