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CJFH Takes the Lead in Compiling the New National Planning Textbook Dermatovenereology
Source: Posted Date:05-08-2018

On April 30, 2018, the core editorial board and final draft meeting of the ninth round of the planning textbook Dermatovenereology Atlas (2nd Edition) for five-year undergraduate clinical medicine specialty in colleges and universities nationwide was held in Hefei, Anhui Province. Professor Cui Yong, Director of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) Department of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases, Distinguished Professor Zhang Xuejun and others attended the meeting.

In early 2018, after selection and confirmation of the People's Medical Publishing House, Professor Cui Yong, Director of CJFH Department of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases and CJFH Distinguished Professor Zhang Xuejun were hired as the editors-in-chief of the textbook Dermatovenereology Atlas (another editor-in-chief is Professor He Chundi of China Medical University). Moreover, there were also more than 80 editorial board members from colleges, universities and research institutes across the country. Dr. Yu Ruixing of CJFH worked as the assistant editor-in-chief. After four months , the editorial board has completed the collection of 50,000 pictures in this book. After this final draft meeting, those pictures will be further organized, optimized and confirmed and the book will be published in October this year.
In addition, Professor Zhang Xuejun and Professor Cui Yong were also employed as the editor-in-chief and deputy editor of the student version textbook Dermatovenereology (9th Edition) to be used in the new semester of September this year. It is reported that Professor Zhang Xuejun has continuously served as the editor-in-chief of fifth editions of the student version textbook Dermatovenereology (5-9th edition), and he is also currently one of the editors-in-chief with largest number of "stem cell" textbooks in this system of People's Medical Publishing House.
This planning textbook for five-year undergraduate clinical medicine specialty in colleges and universities nationwide has been revised for eight times since its first publication in 1978. Under the leadership and support of the Ministry of Education and the National Health Commission, as well as the great efforts from several generations of medical educators in China represented by academicians such as Qiu Fazu, Wu Jieping, Wu Mengchao and Chen Haozhu, this series of textbooks have provided the basic guarantee for the cultivation and success of millions of medical students in China, training numerous high-quality and qualified medical talents generations after generations. It has made historic and significant contributions to improving the reform and development of China's medical and health career and is honored as the "stem cell" textbook for Chinese medical education. The Dermatovenereology textbook is an excellent achievement in this series of textbooks. It is the first textbook to be published in a color version (2000, 5th edition) among textbooks of all subjects, and takes the lead in completing the “three-dimensional” construction (2004, 6th edition). It has also won the “National Textbook Excellence Award” once. This round of revised three-dimensional textbooks Dermatovenereology include student version, map version, teacher version among other issues.
The finalized textbook is an important part of this round of revision and will play an important guiding role for the national school education and after-graduation education of dermatovenereology.