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CJFH Conducts Aviation Rescue of Multiple Traumatic Patient with the 120 Emergency Center
Source: Posted Date:04-08-2018

On April, 6, 2018, China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH), in collaboration with the 120 Emergency Center, rescued a critically ill patient who was transferred to the hospital by a medical helicopter.
The 30-year-old male patient suffered multiple trauma after falling from height on the morning of April 2nd. With traumatic shock, hepatic rupture, perisplenic hematocele, retroperitoneal contusion, adrenal contusion, multiple fractures of ribs, traumatic wet lung, fractures of pelvis, bilateral humerus, cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebra, acute hepatic and renal failure, the patient who lived in a county of Inner Mongolia was in critical condition when he was sent to the local hospital. Unable to handle such a patient, they decided to transfer him to a more authoritative general hospital specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of multiple trauma. After contacting CJFH via the 120 center, the patient and his family got on a medicl helicopter that belongs to the Shanghai Kingwing General Aviation Company from Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. On April 6th, after a 98-minute flight, they arrived at CJFH for further treatment.  
Before the arrival of the helicopter, medical staff led by Dr. Lin Peng, Director of the Multiple Trauma Treatment Center, has made orderly preparations including developing an emergency diagnosis and treatment program following a Wechat conference on the patient’s physical conditions. Doctors and nurses from SICU were waiting on the apron with all necessary equipment. Mangers from the Logistics and Security Office safeguarded the transferring path in the hospital by keeping order on the apron. They also had the emergency registration and hospitalization processes done in advance to avoid any dela. Practitioners of the Diagnostic Radiology Department offered a green channel for further checking the patient’s status. The Department of Operations and Information coordinated the patient’s imaging information and SICU prepared patient rooms and consultation materials. The transfer process was organized by the Department of Medical Affairs.
This aviation transfer has tested CJFH on its aviation rescue and multiple trauma treatment system and 120’s fast and professional transfer ability, demonstrating CJFH’s determination and ability in rescuing similar critically ill patients. 
The patient and his family spoke highly of CJFH’s well-planned and aviation rescue and multiple trauma treatment systems. Despite it was  during the Tomb-Sweeping Holiday, medical staff and support crew returned to their positions without any hesitation. That was why the patient’s father said, “I trust you, and I will sign the form immediately.”when he was asked to sign the Informed Consent Form  on the patient’s conditions, which greatly encouraged medical staff of the hospital.
It is our hope that the patient will recover soon.