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Kick-off Meeting of the Heart-and-Lung Transplant Project Held at CJFH
Source: Posted Date:01-26-2018

CJFH’s president Wang Chen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Mr. Zhou Jun, Party Secretary of CJFH attended the Kick-off Meeting of the Heart-and-Lung Transplant Project held at the Telemedicine Center, International Medical Services of CJFH, which was presided over by Prof. Chen Jingyu, deputy director of CJFH Lung Transplant Center, with other participants from Departments of Cardiovascular Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Respiratory Medicine, Cardiology, ICU, Anesthesiology, OPO, Pathology, Medical Technology, Microorganism, Radiology, Infectious Medicine and CJFH Administration on Jan. 18th, 2018.

The meeting started with story sharing by Yang Yuguang, Han Zhiwei, Zhao Li, Xie Wanmu, Jiang Huimin, Li Yan, Sun Guang, Zhang Yajun, Wang Lifang and Zhang Zhenrong who have been to Wuhan Union Hospital further studying about heart transplant and heart-and-lung transplant, which was followed by a briefing about 3 potential recipients of heart-and-lung transplant by Chen Wenhui, deputy director of the Lung Transplant Department: Case 1: a 27-year-old male patient with pulmonary veno-occlusive disease(PVOD), severe pulmonary hypertension(SPH) and right ventricular failure; Case 2: a 25-year-old male CHD (congenital heart disease) patient with severe pulmonary hypertension (SPH)and right heart failure after mitral valve repair; Case 3: a 13-year-old male patient with idiopathic pulmonary hypertension and right heart failure. Then there were detailed and profound discussions among the participants of the meeting about the 3 patients in terms of the preoperative assessments of their cardio-pulmonary functions, targeted drug treatments, choices of transplant operation methods, difficulties in the anesthesia and operation process and perioperative management.

Prof. Chen Jingyu, deputy director of Thoracic Surgery Department/Lung Transplant Center and chief executive of the heart-and-lung transplant project argued that heart-and-lung transplant operations could not succeed without strong support from the CJFH leaders and close collaboration by a multidisciplinary team and he would set high standards and strict requirements for the heart-and-lung transplant team with clear responsibility and definite tasks for everyone in every respect in order to ensure smooth and safe operations.

Prof. Wang Chen was at the meeting the whole time from 15:00 till 19:30 and summarized 5 key points for successful heart-and-lung transplant operations:

1. Proper recipients: We will make it a discipline advantage of CJFH with comprehensive, systemic and standardized preoperative assessments of the recipients with special focus on their heart function evaluations;

2. Sufficient and qualified donor organs: We will make sure we have sufficient and qualified donors by giving full play to OPO and preserving donor heart and lung functions;

3. Perioperative Rehabilitation: Recipients should take great efforts to learn and practice the following exercises: swallowing, breathing, physical exercise and coughing. Preoperative rehabilitation can help the recipients better prepared for their upcoming operations while postoperative rehabilitation is consequential to patients’ athletic ability, life quality and better prognosis. We have a great rehabilitation medicine team here at CJFH and perioperative rehabilitation should be attached great importance to;

4. Anesthesia and operations: Heart-and-lung transplant is a kind of highly difficult top-level operation with complicated physiological mechanisms on critical patients which requires multidisciplinary teamwork. We should be fully aware that any unexpected consequence is likely to occur during the anesthesia and operation process and get well-prepared to respond to and handle any emergency with adequate knowledge about hemodynamics, physiological mechanisms, patients’ conditions and potential complications;

5. Postoperative care: The patients will have a long way to go before being discharged from hospital upon recovery even after a successful operation, which requires joint efforts by personnel from Departments of Cardiothoracic Surgery, MICU, Lung Transplant, Anesthesiology and Nursing. Postoperative care should be focused on bleeding, heart functions, infection and repulsion, which needs the medical workers to keep a close eye on the patients to any subtle change in their conditions to prevent any potential complication.

Mr. Zhou Jun, Party Secretary of CJFH was also at the meeting the whole time and pointed out that all departments at CJFH must give their full support to the heart-and-lung transplant project since it was both an opportunity and a challenge with great and profound significance for CJFH, which would lay a solid foundation for its implementation in the near future at CJFH.

President Wang Chen, director of CJFH Lung Transplant Center, expressed his earnest expectations for the heart-and-lung transplant team by saying that CJFH was an energetic and innovative hospital whose staff should be equipped with the ability to make decisions in line with the current situations. We should grasp the rare and precious opportunity to bring new energy to the development of various departments at CJFH by promoting the heart-and-lung transplant project at CJFH on the basis of a good beginning of the lung transplant project, whose success would rely on close collaboration by both physicians and surgeons and concerted efforts by both Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Departments. 

President Wang Chen concluded the kick-off meeting with his expectations for the heart-and-lung transplant team: being enthusiastic, sharp, deliberate, meticulous and perseverant.

2017 Year Review for CJFH Lung Transplant Center

1.   Mar. 4th. Prof. Chen Jingyu, a NPC member and participant of the “two sessions”, conducted a double lung transplant operation, which was broadcast live on the internet by Tencent and viewed by 900 thousand person-time on that day.

2.  Mar. 6th. CJFH Lung Transplant Center was established which would provide an opportunity for patients suffering from critical respiratory diseases to survive. Its establishment marks the completion of a thorough system that intervenes from early prevention like tobacco cessation to end-stage treatment like lung transplant.

3.  Apr. 6th.  Lung Transplant Department which locates in the north part of the hospital started to receive patients, which made CJFH the second domestic hospital that has established a specialty department for lung transplant after Wuxi People’s Hospital.

4.  Apr. 8th. The first lung transplant operation in the north part of CJFH was successfully completed on a 71-year-old end-stage pulmonary fibrosis patient in collaboration with such relating departments as Anesthesiology, ICU and Blood Transfusion. On behave of the CJFH leaders, Mr. Zhou Jun, Party Secretary of CJFH, extended cordial greetings to the lung transplant team in the operating room.

5.  May 23rd. A double lung transplant operation was successfully conducted, implanting a donor lung acquired five months after traceotomy into a PRA100% positive patient, which was an ideal model of collaboration by both physicians and surgeons in the field of lung transplant.

6.  Jun. 2nd. MDT of International Medical Services began to treat patients. Prof. Wang Chen, an expert of respiratory and critical care medicine and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering,  Prof. Chen Jingyu, deputy director of CJFH Lung Transplant Center joined other experts from such departments as Internal Medicine, Surgery, Radiology and Rehabilitation to complete a comprehensive assessment, provide ideas about diagnosis and treatment, and work out a feasible treatment and operation plan by sharing information and ideas.

7.  Oct. 26th. Three lung transplant operations were carried out within one day time for the first time for the lung transplant team and demonstrated that the team already had the capability to complete several highly difficult operations within one day time.

8.  Dec. 1st. CJFH OPO and Organ Donation Promotion Meeting was held, which showed its resolution to promote organ transplant and donation at CJFH.

9.  Dec. 6th. CJFH’s president Wang Chen and Party Secretary Zhou Jun sent a bunch of flowers and a cake to Lung Transplant Center to celebrate the 50 lung transplant operations completed within the 9 months since its establishment, which accounted for most of the incremental lung transplant operations nationwide and made CJFH in second place in terms of lung transplant operation quantity. Moreover, CJFH has reached world-class levels in terms of lung transplant operation quality with 84% of survival rate during perioperative periods.

10.Dec. 31st. Prof Chen Jingyu was awarded the following awards: “Golden Lancet: the Glorified Medical Workers”, “Top 10 People for Public Welfare”by Chinese Medical Doctor Association and Chinese Medical Doctor Weekly. And CJFH Lung Transplant Center was awarded “Top 10 Departments for Public Welfare”