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Vice Minister Wang Hesheng of National Health and Family Planning Commission and His Delegation visited CJFH
Source: Posted Date:12-26-2017

On the afternoon of December 13, 2017, Mr. Wang Hesheng, Vice Minister of National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) and Director of the Health Care Reform Office under the State Council, visited China-Japan Friendship Hospital(CJFH), together with Mr. Zhang Zongjiu, Director-General of the Bureau of Medical Administration, Mr. Liang Wannian, Director-General ofthe Department of Healthcare Reform. President Wang Chen, Party Secretary Zhou Jun, Vice Presidents Zhou Haipeng, Peng Mingqiang, Ding Jinghong and Liu Peng, and Chief Accountant Dong Liyou were present during the visit and hospital tour.
The Vice Minister and his delegation toured the apron, clinical departments including the Emergency Department, the International Department, the Telemedicine Center, the Respiratory and Critical Care Department, where he talked with  clinicians about their work.  
After being briefed by President Wang Chen on the achievements of CJFH, the Vice Minister Wang expressed his gratitude to all the staff  of the hospital for contribution. He gave full recognition  to the progress CJFH has made during the past three years. He also praised the hospital for its strict implementation of medical reform policies o. Mr. Wang Hesheng stressed that despite a relatively short history, CJFH has gained patients’ approval during the past three years.. He said that CJFH has attached great importance to the following three aspects: “Culture”, “Management” and “Innovation”. First, the environment, landscaping and cultural corridor including the hospital motto, mission and vision all highlight CJFH’s cultural construction. The development of the hospital relies on talent and the cultivation of talented individuals is rooted in culture, spirit and thought ultimately. Second, CJFH much valued the management work of the hospital from the development and planning of disciplines to the standardized training of specialized physicians and residents. Third, the hospital Telemedicine Center, medical organization system and vertical management of nursing indicate that the current development of CJFH totally conformed to the practice innovation thinking and CJFH payed much attention to the analysis of current problems and strived for development.
With respect to the problems faced by CJFH at present and in the future, Vice Minister Wang Hesheng expressed that NHFPC would pay high attention to the development of CJFH and offer more stimulation and support.
Vice Minister Wang Hesheng stressed that as directly affiliated hospital of NHFPC, CJFH should take the medical quality and safety as the essential core work. Key efforts should be made in the following three aspects: “Medical Safety”, “Medical Quality” and “Improvement of Medical Experience”. The purpose of medical reform is to serve the common mass. Hence the reform and improvement of service should be carried out simultaneously. The hospital should strengthen its internal management, work harder in performance appraisal, delicacy management, energy consumption reduction and other aspects and make concerted efforts to build a high-standard hospital which gains the reassurance of the government and the satisfaction of common mass under the instruction of the Party Central Committee.
Gan Ge of the Public Hospital Reform Office of NHFPC Department of Healthcare Reform, Wang Yi of the Division of Medical Resources of NHFPC Bureau of Medical Administration, Yang Pengcheng of NHFPC’s General Office, Geng Cheng of the Division of Medical Resources of Bureau of Medical Administration NHFPC attended the event.