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NHFPC Vice Minister Zeng Yixin Field Trip to CJFH
Source: Posted Date:10-03-2017

On September 19, 2017, Zeng Yixin, vice minister of the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), and his team came to  China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) on a survey visit. Accompanying the visit were Hou Yan, director of the Planning Department of NHFPC, Yan Qing, director of the Department of Drugs Policy, Qin Huaijin, director of the Department of Science and Education, Lin Jiabin, director of Health Care Bureau, Wang Mingxia, deputy inspector of the Financial Department, and Wang Chen, CJFH President, Zhou Jun, Secretary of the CJFH Committeeof the Communist Party of China, Yao Shukun, Gao Haipeng, Ding Jinghong and Liu Peng, all vice presidents of CJFH, Li Zhaocheng, Deputy Secretary of CJFH and Secretary of the hospital’s Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Dong Liyou, Chief Accountant.

Zeng Yixin and the others toured the parking lot, the International Department, the Telemedicine Center, the construction site of the proton project, the cultural corridor, the outpatient building while talking with the medical staff of the iinstitutions they iinspected.

After listening to a briefing by Wang Chen on the hospital recent work, Zeng extended his thank-you note to all the staff for their hard work. He pointed out that the CJFH leadership is united, aggressive and responsible and all the staff are active and positive. He also mentioned their contributions in health care, discipline construction, and their efforts in enhancing medical techniques and improving medical services.

Zeng emphasized that as a hospital directly under the NHFPC, China-Japan Friendship Hospital should attach great importance to staff training, and should implement the reform of the separation of medical services from pharmaceutic marketing, leading the reform of public hospitals. Meanwhile, CJFH should keep close communication with medicine and health departments of Beijing Municipality, summarize the difficulties and problems the hospitals may have encountered since the start of the reform, giving advice on establishing new compensation mechanisms for public hospitals and on how to deepen the reform of the compensation schemes. China-Japan Friendship Hospital should maintain close communication with the departments under and related to the NHFPC , for making a budget for the north quarters of the hospital, the construction of the proton project and the approval of the research building. He also extended his best wishes to CJFH for its programs in improving physician evaluation, allocating medical resources, and retaining the talented, making efforts to train high-level medical staff and researchers for the country.

Li Jun, director of the Division of Infrastructure Equipment of Planning Department, Zhang Lingli, director of the Finance of the Health Care Bureau, Li Ye, deputy director of the Planning Division of the Department of Science and Education, Ma Tianlong, secretary of the General Office and other executives of China-Japan Friendship Hospital were present in the talks with Mr. Zeng.