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CJFH Holds Joint Meeting on Pediatric Services
Source: Posted Date:08-31-2017

To promote the construction of pediatrics services, a joint meeting was held on August 21, 2017 at China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH).
Top executives firstly toured the International Department premises, including the pediatric outpatient area on the first floor, and the pediatric wards, before going on to the outpatient and emergency departments on the ground floor of Building B and the pediatric wards on the fifth floor of Building A. They were briefed on the hardware of the pediatrics program, the arrangements of the patients and their wards during the relocation.
A workshop was afterwards held in Conference Room No. 2. Dr. Zhang Qi, deputy director of pediatrics  reported on the current situation of her department, the plans for the discipline construction and problems confronted in the transformation. Ms. Wu Jianying, the head nurse, reported on her work before the chiefs of other departments spoke of the recent developments of their own divisions.
In his talk to the workshop, Wang Chen, President of CJFH, spoke highly of what the pediatric department had achieved under the guidance of the directors and the efforts of all medical staff. The management, he said, was concerned about the development of pediatrics, which was an important part of the hospital. As the pediatric department of CJFH, a general hospital directly under the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), it should be so positioned that it would grow to be on a par with the national standard for such, as a model for its counterparts in the other hospitals.
President Wang Chen pointed out that the pediatric department should develop its own characteristics by interacting with other departments and disciplines. A standardized pediatric service will be in place with a complete yet open mechanism integrating  the strengths of all related disciplines. Different disciplines will support each other, putting more zeal and gusto into the construction of the department. The construction of both the outpatient and emergency departments of pediatrics should be considered as one organic whole. The layouts and designing of the services should be practical and patient-oriented. All the administration departments should offer their assistances in the work on hand to ensure its completion on time.
The meeting was presided over by Mr. Peng, Vice President of CJFJ. More than 30 people, including Vice Presidents Yao Shukun and Liu Peng, heads of departments and medical staff of the pediatrics department, attended the meeting.