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Training for New Staff
Source: Posted Date:08-21-2017

On August 2, 2017, an induction ceremony was held in the lecture hall of China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH), marking the beginning of training for 120 new recruits. Present also at the event were President Wang Chen, Vice Presidents Yao Shukun, Gao Haipeng, Peng Mingqiang, Li Zhaocheng, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC of the hospital, Dong Liyou, chief accountant, and heads of departments, and administration executives.

Led by a staff representative, all the new people took a solemn oath by upholding their right hands while the officials and the other participants reviewed the lines.
President Wang Chen, on behalf of CJFH, warmly welcomed the entrants, and then shared some reflections based on his medical career, indicating that a profession plays a significant role in one’s life. He said that working in CJFH was something one should be proud of. One should treasure the opportunity and develop a value orientation based on moral rules, and try to understand two major sentiments, love and fear. One should be clear about what kind of person they want to be in the future, and avoid acting against the principle in pursuing personal gains. He also stressed that the best wisdom rested on a strong heart, the finest happiness lay in a peaceful mind and the biggest cost in one’s life was time, advocating an optimistic attitude for youth. The president also pointed out that doctors and nurses were noble professions which the development of CJFH depended on, as he encouraged participants to lead an honorable life. The president also talked about the hope that some people in CJFH would emerge as the backbones of the medical community of China.
Dr. Cao Bin, a deputy director of Respiratory Center and director of the second division of Respiratory and Critical Care Department, also talked on perception from his experience of over 20 years as a doctor. He believed that doctors were supposed to work and aspirants should consider carefully, as unsolved problems would far outnumber those that have been solved, especially when we are faced with patients and diseases. He also suggested that we keep the habit of reading and taking notes, which could help us to stay peaceful and contented.
This 8-day-training, consisting of nine lectures and thirty-odd group sessions and outdoor classes, was designed to assist the new comers to quickly integrate themselves into the workplace.