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China-Japan Friendship Hospital’s Specialized Medical Clusters Established a Nursing Alliance
Source: Posted Date:07-22-2017

The launching ceremony of the Nursing Alliance of China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH)’s Specialized Medical Clusters was held in Beijing on July 14, 2017. Guests who attended the event included Ms. Guo Yanhong, deputy director-general of the Bureau of Medical Administration, National Health and Family Planning Commission(NHFPC), Madam Li Xiuhua, Chairwoman of the Chinese Nursing Association(CNA), Ms. Zhang Su, Chairwoman of the Specialized Committee of CNA , Dr. Wang Chen, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of CJFH, Mr. Zhou Jun, Party Secretary of CJFH, and Mr. Peng Mingqiang, Vice President of CJFH.

Professional nursing care plays an important role in the process of medical treatment that requires the close collaboration among multiple disciplines. Nursing care needs to match the level of medical treatment to achieve the best patient diagnosis and treatment results. Nursing is an occupation demanding both care and professional skills. Carrying out nursing cooperation based on Health Alliance is an innovation to promote the development of nursing in the Health Alliance reform pilot, and also an assurance to push forward the hierarchical medical diagnosis and treatment system and Health Alliance. The new economic and medical treatment and health situation have put forward new requirements on the quantity, quality and specialization of nursing. Besides, nursing has unique advantage and occupational properties in terms of disease prevention, chronic disease management, health education and counseling. Therefore, the hospital proposed to establish the Nursing Alliance of China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH)’s Specialized Medical Clusters.

A solid foundation has been laid for the development of nursing at CJFH. The department of nursing at the hospital has been listed as a “Key Clinical Specialty in the Country”. Madam Li Xiuhua, who served as the 25th and 26th chair of the CNA and was honored as the 46th Nightingale medal winner, works as the honorary director of nursing after she retired as the director. The department has undertaken multiple nursing research projects at both national and provincial levels. It is home to a practice base of clinical nursing for well-known institutions including the Peking University. With its access to 12 training bases for nursing specialists under the CNA and the Beijing Nursing Association, the department has trained over 230 nursing specialists in 12 specialties.

The Nursing Alliance will strive for win-win situations with partners by extensively initiating cooperative projects. Supported by the key disciplinesincluding nursing at CJFH, it will focus on developing specifications for specialized nursing and  standards for evaluating the quality of nursing, training nursing specialists, and promoting cutting-edge nursing techniques and clinical research.

At the meeting, Ms. Guo Yanhong, Madam Li Xiuhua, and Ms. Zhang Su congratulated the alliance on its establishment by speaking highly of its significance. They believed that the alliance, which served as a supplement to the specialty medical clusters, would promote the development of specialized nursing by disseminating the knowledge. The alliance was also expected to provide patients with medical care in a scientific, convenient, economical, efficient and continuous manner. Presided over by Mr. Peng Mingqiang, Vice President of CJFH, the conference attracted more than 600 hospital directors, chiefs of nursing departments and head nurses from all over the country. Academic exchanges related to nursing patients with respiratory diseases, chronic pain or oncology were organized in side-meetings after the launching ceremony.