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China-Japan Friendship Hospital Achieved Excellent Result in 2016 Top 100 Public Hospital Brand Communication Rankings
Source: Posted Date:07-21-2017

On July 15, 2017, organized by DXY ( top connector and leading digital service provider in the healthcare industry of China), 2017 Chinese Hospital Development Conference was held in Hangzhou, announcing the 2016 Top 100 Public Hospital Brand Communication Rankings. China-Japan Friendship Hospital ranked 11 and it ranked 8 in network popularity rankings of 2016 public hospital brand.

The hospital appreciated the staff for their support for the publicity and the clinical departments, functional and management for their efforts in brand and health publicity as well as the medical experts and the staff of functional and management department for their care for the reputation of the hospital. Party publicity office will work hard with everyone for the development of departments and experts to build a stage for band communication, so that more experts can be publicized by famous media, and will continue to strengthen cooperation with the news media, spreading the medical service information and rational seeking for medical advice and allowing people to master more scientific knowledge of health so as to make contribution to heath China.

It is reported that the ranking was organized by DXY hospital, in association with Gsdata, who applied scientific evaluation methods and index system to systematically study excellent hospitals in China. The results are based on the communication index, media effects, popularity among patients and social comments. The evaluation was made totally according to the analysis of relevant communication data, involving in WeChat (Gsdata index), WeChat Index, Weibo, Baidu quanzhong, external link (reverse), the number of search results (Baidu), the number of search results (Google), the number of search results (360), the number of search results (Sogou), Baidu Index, Alexa world rankings, Alexa Chinese website ranking, and DXY Index, totally 13-dimension index, consequently giving the rankings of 2016 Top 100 Public Hospital Brand Communication.