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Signing Ceremony of Framework Agreement on Teaching and Research between CJFH and Tsinghua University School of Medicine
Source: Posted Date:04-28-2017

On April 20, 2017, China-Japanese Friendship Hospital (CJFH) and School of Medicine, Tsinghua University held the signing ceremony of Cooperation Framework Agreement on Teaching and Research, announcing that CJFH became one more teaching hospital of the School. Vice President Yao Shukun of CJFH presided over the ceremony, and leaders of the two parties, including Dean Dong Chen and Party Secretary Hong Bo of the School of Medicine, and President Wang Chen and Party Secretary Zhou Jun of CJFH, attended the ceremony.

CJFH and the School of Medicine have maintained a good cooperative relationship, and the cooperation this time will further benefit both parties in clinical teaching, medical research and capitalization of research results. President Wang Chen pointed out that this cooperation would greatly upgrade the work of CJFH in those three aspects and facilitate improvement of competency and thoughts sharing of medical workers, who are both healthcare providers and explorers of science, technology and culture. He hoped that the two young institutions CJFH (with a history of 33 years) and the School of Medicine (with a history of 15 years) would join efforts in promoting mutual development.
In his speech, Dean Dong Chen of School of Medicine, Tsinghua University said that his School has formed competitive edges in some disciplines with 15 years of development, and hoped to have in-depth cooperation with CJFH to create different training programs for medical workers, to establish a talent training regime by combining teaching and research, and to find a better way to run medical schools.
According to the agreement, CJFH and the School of Medicine will work together to nurture highly qualified medical workers, promote the overall development of medical disciplines of the school, and improve CJFH's comprehensive strength in medical teaching, research and marketing of research. The agreement specified on the following: CJFH, as a teaching hospital of the School of Medicine, shall offer clinical courses and probation and internship opportunities for students of the school and employ its excellent graduates based on their performance. The School of Medicine, for its part, shall employ CJFH's discipline team leaders with research expertise in exploring and developing programs for training clinical postgraduates. In addition, the School and CJFH would cooperate in research to promote medical advancement.

Based on strengths of the two parties and upholding the principles of "sincerity, resource-sharing, complementing, and mutual development", the cooperation aims to provide excellent healthcare, develop medical education and promote medical research. It indicates that both parties make a step forward in practice of the idea of "cooperation between medical operation and teaching" put forward by the Ministry of Education and the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), and will carry out long-term systematic cooperation in above-mentioned aspects.

Also present at the ceremony were other leaders of the School of Medicine and CJFH, including Vice-Deans Wu Li and Qi Hai of the School of Medicine, Vice President Liao Hongen of Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital (BTCH), Deputy Director Ma Jia of Department of Biomedical Engineering, and Zhou Jie, Director of the cooperation and development office of the School of Medicine, and on CJFH's side, Vice Presidents Gao Haipeng and Ding Jinghong, Li Zhaocheng, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, and others from the functional and administrative departments of the hospital.