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The CJFH "Pink Ribbon" Club Holds the 18th Event
Source: Posted Date:04-08-2017

On March 30, 2017, the “Pink Ribbon” Club of the Oncology Department with Integrative Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy, China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) held in the lecture hall the 18th event themed “courage and confidence to build our immune system”. Experts on tumors introduced the immune therapy and other related knowledge. Patients and medical staff staged performance which showed their courage and confidence to fight the diseases.

On behalf of CJFH, Party Secretary Zhou Jun extended his best wishes to the patients present and also underscored the “Pink Ribbon” Club events by the oncology department. He said those events held for nine successive years has provided a platform for better understanding and communication between patients and medical staff, enhanced their friendship and improved patients' healthcare awareness. He hoped that the Party branch and Party members of the department would play a leading role in improving the events to provide better services.
General Secretary Zhang Que of Beijing Breast Disease Society attended the event where he delivered a speech. As the day March 30 was National Doctors’ Day, on behalf of the society, Mr. Zhang expressed his greetings to all CJFH staff and wished patients happiness and early rehabilitation. In the speech, he recognized the achievements of the CJFH "Pink Ribbon" Club events, thanked Professor Li Peiwen, Jia Liqun and Wan Donggui and other oncology department physicians for their work in this respect, and expected the club to cooperate with other clubs of similar nature to organize more and better events. He also appealed to the community for more attention to breast cancer and more care to those who suffer from it.
Professor Jia Liqun, director of the oncology department, read aloud the poem “Life Like Summer Flowers” by the famous Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore, conveying love for life, and unyieldingness to diseases, and hoping that patients, their families and medical staff can all enjoy life and create a better future together.
During the event, Professor Wan Donggui of the department talked on tumors and the immune system. And then Dr. Lv Lingyang spoke on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment, healthcare and rehabilitation. Dr. Xie Wensun, an expert on tumor treatment from Concord Cancer Hospital Singapore introduced the immune therapy and other new therapies for breast cancer via the remote live-cast system. In addition, Professor Li Peiwen, a leading expert of the oncology department, and other experts from the same department, answered questions by patients and their families.
Since its establishment nine years ago, the CJFH "Pink Ribbon" Club has held 18 events (twice per year). Those events have themed on both introduction of knowledge on tumor prevention and treatment and encouragement and console to patients, and promoted harmonious relationship between patients and medical staff.
Over 200 people, including CJFH Party officials and other staff, patients and their families, media journalists and other guests that care about breast cancer patients, attended the event.