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CJFH holds the second training session on separation of prescribing from dispensing
Source: Posted Date:03-31-2017

On March 28, in 2017, China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) held in the lecture hall its second session briefing on the separation of prescribing from dispensing. Chiefs of the operations and information, medical service and finance departments provided training to over 200 people, including management executives, department and lab directors, head nurses, Party branch secretaries and other administion officials.

In his speech, President Wang Chen said that CJFH would remain committed to the implementation of the reform required by the central and municipal governments. The staff should cooperate by learning more about would-be changes in the pricing policy. Meanwhile, the hospital will build up an operation system designed to improve service efficiency. “We also should,” he said, “ensure the success of the system conversion while overcoming whatever difficulties in the process.” By doing these, the hospital can become a success story in providing better services to patients, he declared.

President Wang Chen making his speech

Mr. Ren Zaifang, deputy director of operations and information,giving a training lecture

Ms. Jiang Ping, director of the financial department, at the training

Ms. Ying Jiaoqian, deputy of the medical services, providing training at the session
The reform of “separation of prescribing from dispensing” in Beijing hospitals was announced for embarkment as from April 8, 2017. CJFH was quick to respond to the municipal initiative when the hospital  created teams for implementation. The heads of the leading group are the president and the Party secretary of CJFH.
The departments responsible for the medical reform have been working on their share of the job. The latest move was an initial training session to staff on March 23.